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1954Grand Final Footscray v Melbourne102-511Only flag for the Bulldogs. 33 mins highlights in colour
1965Grand Final Essendon v St Kilda105-701Original ABC Broadcast in Black & White. Essendon coached by John Coleman
1973Grand Final Richmond v Carlton116-861Kevin Sheedy 3 Goals - Black & White
1981Elimination Final Essendon v Fitzroy94-10921st final for Kevin Sheedy as coach
1981Night Grand Final Essendon v Carlton65-412Kevin Sheedy wins the night final in his 1st season in a great comeback win
1981Round 20 Essendon v Carlton99-982Bombers win 14th straight. Neale Daniher 3 goals
1983Reserves Preliminary Final Essendon v Fitzroy165-982Features Paul Salmon & Mark Thompson for the Bombers
1983Semi Final Essendon v Fitzroy109-861Lions lead by 7 at 3 quarter time. Bombers 7 goal last quarter
1984Grand Final Essendon v Hawthorn105-811Essendon's first GF win since 1965, Bill Duckworth Norm Smith Medal
1984Preliminary Final Essendon v Collingwood174-412Bombers smash the pies. Leon Baker 6 goals - 7two replay
1984Qualifying Final Hawthorn v Carlton122-922Leigh Matthews kicks 6 goals
1984Semi Final Essendon v Hawthorn105-1132Bombers lead at 3 quarter time but lose. DiPierdomenico 4 goals AFL Classics Replay
1984Sterling Cup Final Essendon v Sydney89-381Bombers win Night Final & Premiership Flag in the same season, 1st team to do so.
1985Grand Final Essendon v Hawthorn170-922Essendon win back to back , Simon Madden Norm Smith Medal, Brereton 8 goals
1985Preliminary Final Hawthorn v Footscray109-9917Two replay - Jason Dunstall in his rookie season kicks 4 goals
1985Round 3 Essendon v Hawthorn114-1002Missing first 9 mins of play. 
1985Round 6 Essendon v Carlton176-672Mark Harvey 7 goals
1986Elimination Final Essendon v Fitzroy57-582Lions end Bombers chance of 3 straight flags with a last second win - 7two replay
1986Grand Final Hawthorn v Carlton110-681Hawks win after 2 successive GF losses
1986Round 6 Sydney v Carlton120-982Sydney beat the eventual premiers to stay unbeaten in 1986
1987Round 1 Brisbane v North Melbourne137-10411st game & win for the Brisbane Bears
1987Round 1 West Coast v Richmond133-1191Debut game for the Eagles who were down 33 points at 3 quarter time
1987Round 15 Essendon v West Coast146-1182Paul Salmon kicks a career high 11 goals.
1987Round 17 Essendon v Sydney73-2361Sydney post the 2nd highest score in history
1987Round 2 Brisbane v Geelong150-1312The Brisbane Bears win their 2nd game & survive 8 goals by Gary Ablett
1987Round 5 West Coast v Hawthorn104-9222nd ever win for the Eagles. Jason Dunstall 5 goals
1987Round 6 Essendon v Geelong96-962John Barnes makes his debut for Essendon
1987Round 7 Sydney v Hawthorn122-1142Hawthorn lead by 33 at qtr time only for Sydney to win & stay on top of the ladder
1987Yokohama Exhibition game Essendon v Hawthorn75-1342Commentary by Eddie McGuire. Gary Buckenara player of the game.
1988Round 10 Essendon v Sydney55-771Sydney prevail in pouring rain
1988Round 18 Essendon v Hawthorn62-882Dermott Brereton runs through the Bombers huddle at 3 quarter time
1989Grand Final Hawthorn v Geelong144-1381Hawks win 4th of the decade in classic. Ablett record 9 goals
1989Qualifying Final Essendon v Geelong157-812Bombers hold Ablett to 3 goals. Michael Long kicks 4 goals
1989Reserve Grand Final Fitzroy v Geelong114-1121Lions come from 4 goals down at 3 qtr time to win their last flag as a club
1989Round 6 Hawthorn v Geelong171-1631Geelong lead by 49 at halftime but Hawthorn kick 10 last quarter goals
1990Preliminary Final Essendon v West Coast121-581Bombers prevent West Coast Eagles from making their first Grand Final
19912nd Semi Final Hawthorn v Geelong95-931Hawks make 8th Grand Final in 9 Years. 7two replay
1991Reserve Grand Final Brisbane v Melbourne109-753Brisbane Bears win their only premiership
1991Round 1 Adelaide v Hawthorn155-691Crows first game. They beat the eventual premiers & have only 3 players with AFL experience
1991Round 6 Hawthorn v Fitzroy231-742Hawks smash Lions in Hobart
1992Elimination Final West Coast v Hawthorn100-871Eagles down 21 at quarter time
1992Grand Final West Coast v Geelong113-852First win by a team outside Victoria. Peter matera the Norm Smith Medallist
1992Round 1 Essendon v St Kilda111-1282James Hird Debut, Tony Lockett 7 goals
1992Round 20 Essendon v Hawthorn56-2161Jason Dunstall kicks 12 goals as the Hawks smash a young Bombers side
1992Round 7 Geelong v Brisbane239-752Geelong kick the highest score in history
1992Semi Final West Coast v Geelong133-952Peter Sumich 8 goals & Peter Matera 35 possessions
1993Fosters Cup Final Essendon v Richmond102-792Baby Bombers win with James Hird kicking 5 goals 5 behinds
1993Grand Final Essendon v Carlton133-892Michael Long Norm Smith Medal, Kernahan 7 goals
1993Preliminary Final Essendon v Adelaide111-1001Essendon come back from 42 points down at halftime, Bewick 6 goals
1993Qualifying Final Essendon v Carlton98-1002Stephen Kernahan 6 goals 7two replay
1993Round 16 Essendon v West Coast89-872Sheedy's jacket wave after Bombers win after the siren
1993Round 6 Essendon v Geelong156-1322Ablett 14 Goals, Salmon 10
1994Fosters Cup Final Essendon v Adelaide102-682Bombers win 2nd night final in a row
1994Round 1 Essendon v West Coast82-791Defending Premiers beat 1994 Premiers. 7two replay
1995Round 4 Essendon v Collingwood111-11121st ever Anzac Day clash. Sav Rocca 9 goals
1996Preliminary Final Essendon v Sydney69-701Tony Lockett kicks a behind after the siren to put Sydney into the Grand Final
1996Qualifying Final Essendon v Brisbane100-10121st ever final at the gabba. Footy Flashbacks replay
1996Qualifying Final Sydney v Hawthorn90-842Swans book a Preliminary Final berth without Tony Lockett
1996Round 22 Fremantle v Fitzroy157-711Last game for the Fitzroy Lions
1996Round 22 Hawthorn v Melbourne102-1012The Merger Game. Hawks make the finals by winning
1996Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood105-1172Bombers kick 7 goals in the 1st quarter. James Hird 4 goals & 23 disposals
1998Round 18 Essendon v Carlton84-782Matthew Lloyd 6 goals
1998Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood88-1082Sav Rocca kicks 7 goals and Dean Solomon debuts in this Anzac clash
1999Ansett Cup Final Hawthorn v Port Adelaide83-362First Final for the Power. They don't kick a goal until after halftime
1999Round 10 Sydney v Collingwood145-941Tony Lockett sets the all time record with his 1300th goal
1999Round 17 Essendon v North Melbourne158-1322Wayne Carey kicks 10 goals for the Kangaroos, Lloyd 7 for Essendon
1999Round 3 Essendon v Sydney149-682Matthew Lloyd kicks a career high 13 goals
2000Ansett Cup Final Essendon v Kangaroos117-761Bombers begin their premiership assault with a night final premiership
2000Grand Final Essendon v Melbourne135-752James Hird Norm Smith Medal, Barnard 4 goals off the bench
2000Preliminary Final Essendon v Carlton125-801Bombers avenge 1999 defeat, Dean Solomon best on ground
2000Qualifying Final Essendon v Kangaroos198-731Biggest winning margin in finals history, Lloyd 7 goals, Misiti 41 Disposals
2000Round 1 Essendon v Port Adelaide156-621First game at Docklands. Lloyd 7 goals, James Hird 4 goals
2000Round 13 Essendon v North Melbourne Kangaroos119-702Bombers lead 47-0 at quarter time
2000Round 17 Essendon v Richmond167-662Bombers turn 50 point 3 quarter time lead into 101 point win
2000Round 20 Essendon v Carlton109-832Bombers win 20th in a row after leading by just 2 points at 3 Quarter Time
2000Round 21 Essendon v Western Bulldogs81-922Bombers lose only game in the 2000 season
2000Round 5 Essendon v Carlton123-992Rematch of 1999 Preliminary Final
2000Round 6 Essendon v Western Bulldogs144-811Scott Lucas best on ground with 6 goals
2000Round 7 Essendon v Collingwood140-1002James Hird wins the Inaugural Anzac Medal
2000Round 8 Essendon v Brisbane127-632Bombers win in wet conditions for the last time at the Gabba in 11 years
2001Grand Final Essendon v Brisbane82-1081Brisbane's first premiership. Matthew Lloyd 5 goals
2001Preliminary Final Essendon v Hawthorn76-672Bombers limp into 2001 Grand Final,  Lloyd misses the game thru suspension
2001Qualifying Final Essendon v Richmond113-431Bombers dominate after losing to Richmond just the week before
2001Round 10 Essendon v Brisbane74-1022If it bleeds, we can kill it game for Brisbane Lions
2001Round 16 Essendon v Kangaroos171-1592Bombers come from 69 points down, biggest comeback in AFL history, Lloyd 9 goals
2002Elimination Final Essendon v West Coast111-781 
2002Round 14 Essendon v Western Bulldogs118-1182Matthew Lloyd 5 goals
2002Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood33-661Mark McGough wins Anzac Day Medal in 2nd ever game
2003Elimination Final Essendon v Fremantle101-571Essendon win in Fremantle in Dockers first final
2003Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood147-812James Hird 2nd Anzac Day medal with 5 goals
2003Semi Final Brisbane v Adelaide104-921Lynch 6 goals as Wayne Carey is held goaless
2004Elimination Final Essendon v Melbourne104-991Troy Broadbridge's last game
2004Round 11 Essendon v Hawthorn154-802Line in the sand game, 3rd quarter brawl
2004Round 3 Essendon v West Coast137-1312Hird hugs supporter after kicking game winner, Lloyd 8 goals
2004Semi Final Essendon v Geelong64-742Bombers come back from 39 down in the 4th to lose by 10
2006Round 1 Essendon v Sydney108-811Lloyd kicks 6 in 1st quarter, 8 on the night, Hall has 7 goals
2006Round 17 Essendon v Brisbane160-1231Hird 27 Disposals & 4 goals, Lucas 7 goals
2006Round 4 Essendon v Collingwood89-1062Magpies win the Anzac Day clash for first time since 2002
2007Round 10 Essendon v Sydney74-731Hird best on ground
2007Round 11 Essendon v West Coast95-941Bombers beat both Grand Finalists in consecutive weeks by 1 point
2007Round 13 Essendon v Melbourne125-1231Bombers win on a late Scott Lucas goal
2007Round 17 Essendon v Adelaide117-1051 
2007Round 22 Essendon v West Coast124-1322Last Game for Hird & Sheedy. Lucas kicks 7 goals in the final term
2007Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood79-952Heath Shaw wins Anzac Day medal as Collingwood kick 23 behinds
2007Round 9 Essendon v Richmond92-841Bombers win by 8 points in Dreamtime match
2008Round 1 Essendon v Kangaroos122-672Matthew Knights gets a win in hist first game as coach, Lloyd 6 goals
2008Round 13 Essendon v Carlton136-1011Fevola 7 Goals
2008Round 15 Essendon v Brisbane155-1182 
2008Round 3 Essendon v Carlton150-1342Fevola 8 goals
2008Round 6 Essendon v Collingwood81-1542Anzac Day medallist Paul Medhurst kicks 6 goals
2009Elimination Final Brisbane v Carlton111-1041Brisbane come from 30 points down in the 4th. HD Replay
2009Round 20 Essendon v St Kilda110-1082Bombers inflict first loss on Saints after they won 19 straight
2009Round 22 Essendon v Hawthorn116-992Essendon end the Hawks season & take 8th spot. Michael Hurley 4 Goals, Lloyd's last game
2009Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood93-8824th gamer David Zaharakis kicks the winning goal with only seconds remaining
2010Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood55-1202Scott Pendlebury wins 1st of 2 Anzac Day medals
2011Round 15 Essendon v Geelong115-1112Bombers beat previously unbeaten Cats in a boilover
2011Round 17 Essendon v Adelaide84-731Essendon come from 36 points down at halftime to win
2011Round 20 Essendon v Sydney100-992Adam Goodes miss after the siren gives Bombers the win
2011Round 4 Essendon v Carlton79-792Dustin Fletcher kicks a goal from the centre square & makes a match saving tackle
2011Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood77-1072Scott Pendlebury wins 2nd of 2 Anzac Day medals
2011Round 6 Essendon v Gold Coast Suns197-582Quarter time score of 94-1 is an AFL Record for points & margin
2011Round 8 Essendon v Brisbane102-662Bombers win at the Gabba for the first time in 11 years
2012Round 1 Sydney v Greater Western Sydney GWS100-372First game for GWS Giants
2012Round 10 Hawthorn v North Melbourne Kangaroos174-591Buddy Franklin kicks 13 goals
2012Round 11 Essendon v Sydney82-861Bombers come from 47 down at 3 quarter time
2012Round 14 Essendon v Western Bulldogs140-561Michael Hurley 5 goals. Bombers kick 7 goals in 10 mins in the 1st QTR
2012Round 19 Geelong v Hawthorn118-1162Hawks come from 51 points down to lead by 8 before Tom Hawkins kicks winner on the siren
2012Round 2 Essendon v Port Adelaide111-862 
2012Round 3 Essendon v Gold Coast105-882Game 350th for Dustin Fletcher. Gary Ablett 44 disposals for the Suns
2012Round 4 Essendon v Carlton109-792Bombers cause an upset to remain unbeaten. Crameri 5 goals
2012Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood79-802Pies hang on the win closest Anzac game ever after surviving Bombers comeback
2012Round 6 Essendon v Brisbane129-622Stuart Crameri 4 goals in 1st quarter
2012Round 7 Greater Western Sydney GWS v Gold Coast94-6721st win for GWS Giants in the AFL
2012Round 9 Essendon v Greater Western Sydney GWS119-532First game at Skoda Stadium & Sheedy's first against his old side
2013Round 11 Essendon v Carlton77-722Bombers come from 31 down, Joe Daniher Debut, Jarrod waite 7 Goals for the Blues
2013Round 12 Essendon v Gold Coast115-721Joe Daniher kicks his first 3 AFL goals.
2013Round 14 Essendon v West Coast98-912Bombers come from 30 points down in the 3rd quarter. Jobe Watson best on ground
2013Round 16 Essendon v Western Bulldogs121-901Bombers lead by 37 in the 1st quarter and cruise to the win.
2013Round 22 Essendon v Carlton82-762Last game before James Hird's 12 month suspension. Carlton kick 9-22
2013Round 3 Essendon v Fremantle72-682Bombers come from 37 down in a week of turmoil surrounding Coach James Hird
2013Round 5 Essendon v Collingwood121-752Bombers smash the Pies on Anzac Day. Zaharakis wins the Anzac Medal
2013Round 6 Essendon v Greater Western Sydney GWS120-812Bombers come from 27 down in the 3rd quarter to avoid the upset of the season
2014Round 1 Essendon v Kangaroos99-601Paul Chapman kicks 4 goals in his Bombers debut
2014Round 6 Essendon v Collingwood60-832Essendon lead by 37 points but then don't kick a goal until the 4th quarter
2015Round 2 Essendon v Hawthorn78-762 
2015Round 8 Essendon v Brisbane136-782Joe Daniher kicks a career high 6 goals
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