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1976Hardie - Ferodo Bathurst 10002Torana's fill the top 7 spots. Features F1 driver Jack Brabham & Stirling Moss
1977Hardie - Ferodo Bathurst 10002Allan Moffat wins for the 4th time, famous for the Ford 1-2 finish
1978Australian Grand Prix1Kiwi Graham McRae wins the race at Sandown
1978Hardie - Ferodo Bathurst 10002Peter Brock & Jim Richards win, the 3rd Bathurst win for Brock. Hardies Heroes introduced
1979Hardie - Ferodo Bathurst 10004Brock & Richards win again by a record 6 laps, lead from start to finish
1980British Grand Prix1Alan Jones wins his 2nd race in a row
1980Hardie - Ferodo Bathurst 10003Dick Johnson famously crashes into the trees after hitting a rock. Brock wins 3rd in a row
1981James Hardie Bathurst 10004Dick Johnson wins shortened race 
1981Las Vegas Caesars Palace Grand Prix1Alan Jones wins the last Grand Prix in Vegas
1982James Hardie Bathurst 10003Peter Brock wins for the 6th time, Dick Johnson is disqualified
1983James Hardie Bathurst 10002Brock & Perkins win in the spare car that won Bathurst in 1982. Glenn Seton debuts
1984Austrian Grand Prix1Niki Lauda wins, Gerhard Berger makes his debut
1984Detroit Grand Prix1Nelson Piquet wins from Martin Brundle who is then banned for the season
1984James Hardie Bathurst 10003Peter Brock wins for the 8th time
1984Monaco Grand Prix1Ayrton Senna's coming out race. He finishes 2nd in controversial circumstances
1984Portugese Grand Prix1Prost wins, Senna 3rd during his first F1 season
1984USA Dallas Grand Prix1The only Grand Prix in Dallas - Keke Rosberg wins
1985Australian Grand Prix1Extended Highlights Last race for Niki Lauda, last victory for Keke Rosberg
1985Detroit Grand Prix1Keke Rosberg wins - Senna on Pole
1985Portugese Grand Prix1Ayrton Senna wins his first Grand Prix & from Pole Position
1986James Hardie Bathurst 10003Allan Grice wins while Brock & Moffat team up for the first time
1986USA Grand Prix1Senna wins his 4th race 
1987Australian Grand Prix1Extended Highlights - Nelson Piquet Winner
1987Detroit Grand Prix1Senna wins for the 2nd time in Detroit
1987James Hardie Bathurst 10003Peter Brock wins his final Bathurst after the top 2 cars are disqualified
1988Detroit Grand Prix1Ayrton Senna wins in Detroit for the 3rd straight year
1988Hungarian Grand Prix1Senna wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1988Japanese Grand Prix1Senna wins after starting 14th, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1988Monaco Grand Prix1Prost wins after race leader Senna has his wheel come out into his hands
1988San Marino Grand Prix1Senna wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1988Tooheys Bathurst 10002Tony Longhurst wins in the first Bathurst with a rolling start. Brock races a BMW
1989Belgian Grand Prix1Senna wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1989British Grand Prix1Prost wins, Mansell 2nd - French Commentary
1989San Marino Grand Prix1Senna wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1989Tooheys Bathurst 10002Dick Johnson wins - missing about 2 hours in the middle
1989USA Phoenix Grand Prix1Alain Prost wins his only race in the USA
1990Belgian Grand Prix1Senna wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1990Hungarian Grand Prix1Bousten's last race win, Senna 2nd - French Commentary
1990Monaco Grand Prix2Senna wins, Alesi 2nd - French & English Commentary
1990Portugese Grand Prix1Mansell wins (last win at Ferrari), Senna 2nd - French Commentary
1990Tooheys Bathurst 10003Allan Grice is a surprise winner while Brock drives a Ford at Bathurst for the only time
1990USA Phoenix Grand Prix1Ayrton Senna wins after starting 5th
1991Australian Grand Prix1Senna wins shortest race ever (14 laps) - French Commentary
1991Belgian Grand Prix1Schumacher Debut Race, Senna wins - French Commentary
1991French Grand Prix1Mansell wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1991German Grand Prix1Mansell wins, Patrese 2nd - French Commentary
1991Hungarian Grand Prix1Senna wins, Mansell 2nd - French Commentary
1991Italian Grand Prix1Schumacher 1st race for Bennetton, Mansell wins - French Commentary
1991Monaco Grand Prix2Senna wins, Mansell 2nd - French & English Commentary
1991Portugese Grand Prix1Patrese wins, Senna 2nd - French Commentary
1991Spanish Grand Prix1Mansell wins, Prost 2nd - French Commentary
1991Tooheys Bathurst 10012Jim Richards & Mark Skaife win comfortably in the Nissan GT-R Skyline 
1991USA Phoenix Grand Prix1Senna ties for 2nd all time with his 27th win
1992Australian Grand Prix1Senna & Mansell crash, Berger wins - French Commentary
1992Belgian Grand Prix1First Grand Prix victory for Michael Schumacher
1992Monaco Grand Prix1Senna wins, Mansell 2nd - French Commentary
1992Tooheys Bathurst 10003Jim Richards wins shortened race & calls the crowd assholes
1993Australian IndyCar Grand Prix1Nigel Mansell wins his first race in IndyCar at Surfers Paradise
1993Italian Grand Prix1Damon Hill wins after Alain Prost breaks down
1993Monaco Grand Prix1Senna wins, Hill 2nd - French Commentary
1994San Marino Grand Prix4Ayrton Senna fatal crash - Pre Race warm ups plus Post race in English - French Commentary by Alain Prost
1999A Star Named Ayrton Senna1Documentary on the life of Ayrton Senna
2007Canadian Grand Prix2Lewis Hamilton's 1st win in only his 6th race.
2009Ayrton Senna The Will To Win1Documentary on the career of Ayrton Senna
2010Australian Grand Prix1Jenson Button wins 1st race for McLaren - PAL HD Feed