Over 2500 Sporting events on DVD


1935Rose Bowl Alabama v Stanford29-14135 mins highlights, no sound. Don Hutson 2 long TD's for Alabama
1939Rose Bowl USC v Duke7-32Full game, USC score with 1 minute remaining
1949Dec 3rd Notre Dame v SMU27-201Doak Walker sits this game out & Kyle Rote has 261 all purpose yards & 3 TD's
1950Nov 4th Texas v SMU23-201Coaches Film Approx 50 mins
1956Sep 22nd Syracuse v Maryland26-121Jim Brown 154 Yards - 35 mins highlights, no sound
1957Cotton Bowl TCU v Syracuse28-271Jim  Brown's last game - 132 yards & 3 TD's
1960Cotton Bowl Texas v Syracuse14-232Ernie Davis 87 Yard TD on 2nd play. Orangemen's first title 1959 highlights on 2nd disc
1962Dec 1st Auburn v Alabama0-38150 Mins highlights B/W, Features Joe Namath for Alabama
1962Nov 10th Miami v Alabama3-36135 mins highlights - Joe Namath Alabama
1964Cotton Bowl Texas v Navy28-61Roger Staubach 228 yards in final game
1966Gator Bowl Syracuse v Tennessee12-184Larry Csonka 114 yards & Floyd Little 216 yards
1966Sep 24th Notre Dame v Purdue27-201Jim Seymour has 276 yards & 3 TD's on Debut. Bob Griese stars for Purdue
1967Bluebonnet Bowl Miami v Colorado21-3122nd half only. Miami in front 21-17 in 4th - Bob & Dick Anderson star for Colorado
1967Nov 18th USC v UCLA21-202OJ Simpson 177 yards & 2 TD's
1969Rose Bowl USC v Ohio State14-281OJ Simpson 171 yards
1970Sugar Bowl Mississippi v Arkansas27-222Archie Manning's final college game
1972Dec 2nd Auburn v Alabama17-161Punt Bama Punt Game. 2 Blocked punts returned for TD's in 4th QTR
1972Sugar Bowl Auburn v Oklahoma22-402Pat Sullivan 250 yards & a TD in final game
1973Rose Bowl USC v Ohio State42-143Sam Cunningham 4 TD's 
1975Rose Bowl USC v Ohio State18-172 
1977Nov 19th Texas v Baylor29-74Earl Campbell 220 Yards
1977Oct 22nd USC v Notre Dame19-492Notre Dame Green Jersey Game, Montana 4 total TD's
1977Oct 8th Texas v Oklahoma13-61Earl Campbell 124 yards
1978Nov 25th USC v Notre Dame27-251Irish come back from 24-6 down in 4th QTR
1978Rose Bowl Washington v Michigan27-201Warren Moon runs for 2 TD & Passes for another as Huskies cause upset
1979Cotton Bowl Notre Dame v Houston35-341Chicken Soup Game
1979Fiesta Bowl Pittsburgh v Arizona16-101Dan Marino Freshman year.
1979Nov 3rd Miami v Penn State26-101Jim Kelly debut, 280 yards, 3 TD's
1979Oct 13th USC v Stanford21-212Stanford tie after being down 21-0
1979Oct 27th Texas v SMU30-61Texas win 14th in a row in the series
1979Rose Bowl USC v Michigan17-102Charles White scores controversial TD & the game features an earthquake
1980Bluebonnet Bowl Texas v North Carolina7-162Lawrence Taylor's final college game
1980Holiday Bowl BYU v SMU46-452Jim McMahon hail mary TD on final play. BYU come from 45-25 down
1980Nov 1st SMU v Texas A+M27-01 
1980Oct 5th Texas v SMU6-201Birth of Pony Express
1980Orange Bowl Oklahoma v Florida State24-72Billy Sims 164 yards. Bud Herbert has 3 interceptions for the Sooners
1980Rose Bowl USC v Ohio State17-162Charles White has a Rose Bowl record 247 yards & winning TD
1981Nov 28th Pittsburgh v Penn State14-482Dan Marino #1 signal spurs Penn State
1981Nov 7th Pittsburgh v Rutgers47-31Marino 4 TD's
1981Oct 10th SMU v Baylor37-201Eric Dickerson 2 TD's and over 100 yards
1981Oct 17th Pittsburgh v Florida State42-141Marino 251 yards & 3TD's. Bryan Thomas 217 yards rushing. JIP 14 mins in
1981Oct 24th Pittsburgh v Syracuse23-102 
1981Oct 24th Texas v SMU9-71Kenneth Sims 15 tackles & 4 sacks for Texas
1981Oct 24th USC v Notre Dame14-72Marcus Allen's 147 yards lowest of the year
1981Peach Bowl Miami v Virginia Tech20-102Jim Kelly MVP
1981Sep 12th USC v Tennessee43-73Marcus Allen begins Heisman campaign with 210 yards
1981Sep 19th SMU v Grambling59-272Eric Dickerson 4 TD's, an SMU record.
1981Sep 26th USC v Oklahoma28-242Marcus Allen 208 yards & 2 TD's. Sooners 10 fumbles
1981Sugar Bowl Pittsburgh v Georgia24-202Marino last minute TD for win
1982Fiesta Bowl Arizona State v Oklahoma32-212Marcus Dupree 249 yards
1982Nov 20th SMU v Arkansas17-172Tie cost SMU chance at National Title, Dickerson becomes SWC all time rushing leader
1982Nov 20th Stanford v California20-252Stanford Band comes onto the field
1982Nov 26th Pittsburgh v Penn State10-192 
1982Nov 27th Auburn v Alabama23-224Bo Jackson "Over the Top" game, 1st Auburn win in the series for 12 years
1982Oct 16th SMU v Houston20-142Eric Dickerson has 241 yards inc 206 in the 2nd half & a highlight 62 yard TD
1982Oct 23rd Texas v SMU17-301Pony Express surprises Longhorns with 3 RB backfield. Missing last SMU TD
1982Oct 30th SMU v Texas A & M49-72Eric Dickerson 200 yards, 3 TD's
1982Sep 11th Penn State v Maryland39-312Penn State increase the series lead to 26-1
1982Sep 25th Stanford v Ohio State23-202John Elway 407 yards & 2 TD's
1982Tangerine Bowl Auburn v Boston College33-262Bo Jackson 1 hand catch for TD
1983Cotton Bowl SMU v Pittsburgh7-32Last games for Dan Marino & Eric Dickerson. Dickerson 124 yards.
1983Dec 3rd Auburn v Alabama23-202Bo Jackson 256 yards
1983Holiday Bowl BYU v Missouri21-172Steve Young throws winning TD with 23 secs remaining
1983Nov 12th Maryland v Clemson27-522Frank Reich throws 1st TD in relief of Esiason
1983Oct 22nd Texas v SMU15-12110 turnovers in the game. 1st Mustang loss in 21 games
1983Oct 8th Tennessee v LSU20-61Reggie White 5 tackles for loss & a sack.
1983Orange Bowl Miami v Nebraska31-303Hurricanes 1st National Championship
1983Sep 10th USC v Florida19-192Sean Salisbury leads 80 yard Game tying TD drive in 46 secs
1983Sugar Bowl Auburn v Michigan9-71Bo Jackson 130 yards, Auburn 301 Rushing yards total
1983Sun Bowl Alabama v SMU28-72Walter Lewis leads the Tide to a 28-0 halftime lead with 2 TD's
1984Aloha Bowl SMU v Notre Dame27-202Reggie Dupard had 103 yards, Allen Pinkett 136 yards
1984Dec 1st Iowa v Hawaii17-62Australian Colin Scotts starts in his 1st season 6 quality
1984Nov 10th Miami v Maryland40-421Miami up 31-0 at half, Frank Reich 4 TD's
1984Nov 17th Auburn v Georgia21-121Inc Auburn v Florida State Greatest Games Special
1984Nov 17th Auburn v Georgia21-121Includes extended highlights of Aub v Georgia Tech 42-41 game 1984
1984Nov 23rd Miami v Boston College45-472Doug Flutie Hail Mary
1984Nov 24th Louisiana State v Mississippi Valley State66-191The only known NCAA Jerry Rice footage - 30 min highlights
1984Oct 13th Ohio State v Illinois45-382Keith Byars 274 yards & 5 TD's
1984Oct 27th Texas v SMU13-71SMU have chance to win in final moments but an EZ interception ends the game
1984Sep 15th Auburn v Texas27-353Bo Jackson injured during long run by Jerry Gray
1984Sep 1st Miami v Auburn20-182Bernie Kosar 329 yards & 2 Td's in 2nd ever Kickoff Classic
1984Sep 28th Texas v Stanford38-342Texas rush for 285 yards in the 1st half.
1985Cotton Bowl Auburn v Texas A & M16-362Bo Jackson last game, has 73 yard TD reception
1985Nov 2nd Auburn v Florida10-142 
1985Nov 2nd Hawaii v Colorado State34-142Homecoming game for Hawaii. Kelly Stouffer stars for the Rams
1985Nov 30th Auburn v Alabama23-252Alabama kick 50 yard FG tro win
1985Nov 30th Florida v Florida State38-142 
1985Nov 30th Miami v Notre Dame58-73Biggest defeat in Irish history
1985Oct 19th Auburn v Georgia Tech17-142 
1985Oct 19th Miami v Oklahoma27-142Troy Aikman plays his last game for Oklahoma
1985Oct 26th Texas v SMU14-441Reggie Dupard 117 yards & 4 total TD's
1985Sep 28th Auburn v Tennessee20-382Bo Jackson held to 80 yards
1985Sep 7th Miami v Florida23-352 
1985Sep 7th Oklahoma State v Washington31-173Thurman Thomas career best 237 yards & a passing TD
1985Sep 9th Auburn v Louisiana-Lafayette49-71Bo Jackson 295 yards
1986Dec 4th Oklahoma State v Missouri10-62Freshman Barry Sanders scores only TD
1986Dec 6th Michigan v Hawaii27-102Final college game for Aussie Colin Scotts. Jim Harbaugh stars for Michigan
1986Fiesta Bowl Miami v Penn State10-142Heisman winner Testaverde 5 INT's
1986Nov 1st Auburn v Florida17-182 
1986Nov 22nd Arkansas v SMU41-02Last game for SMU before Death Penalty
1986Nov 29th Auburn v Alabama21-171Lawyer Tillman scores winning TD with 32 secs left
1986Sep 13th Michigan v Notre Dame24-232Jim Harbaugh & Tim Brown dominate
1986Sep 27th Miami v Oklahoma28-162 
1986Sep 6th Hawaii v Wisconsin20-171Hawaii beats a Big Ten team for the first time by scoring with 13 secs remaining
1986Sep 6th Miami v Florida23-152Jarvis Williams big hit on Melvin Bratton
1987Citrus Bowl Auburn v USC16-72Aundray Bruce 4 sacks & 2 FF. Brent Fullwood 152 yards
1987Dec 5th Miami v South Carolina20-164Wild brawl started by Dan Stubbs
1987Nov 7th Texas v Houston40-602 
1987Oct 3rd Miami v Florida State26-251Deion Sanders Punt Return TD
1987Orange Bowl Miami v Oklahoma20-143Hurricanes 2nd National Championship
1987Sep 19th Florida v Alabama23-142Emmitt Smith 200 plus yards
1987Sep 26th Miami v Arkansas51-72Miami score 5 TD's in 10 mins
1987Sep 26th Nebraska v Arizona State35-281Neil Smith sack ends Devils chances
1987Sunbowl Oklahoma State v West Virginia35-332Thurman Thomas 157 yards, 4 TD's
1988Cotton Bowl UCLA v Arkansas17-32Troy Aikman final game
1988Holiday Bowl Oklahoma State v Wyoming62-142Barry Sanders 222 yards, 5 TD's in 3 quarters
1988Nov 26th Miami v Arkansas20-162Barry Foster 80 yard TD for the Razorbacks.
1988Nov 5th Oklahoma State v Oklahoma28-311Barry Sanders 215 yards, 2 TD's
1988Oct 15th Miami v Notre Dame30-312Miami go for 2pt conversion instead of OT & miss
1988Oct 15th Oklahoma State v Nebraska42-632Barry Sanders 189 yards, 4 TD's
1989Nov 11th Notre Dame v SMU59-62Notre Dame belt an SMU team fresh off the death penalty
1989Nov 25th Texas v Baylor7-502Baylor win in Austin for the first time since 1951
1989Oct 21st Alabama v Tennessee47-301Siran Stacey 4 TD's & Keith McCants 16 tackles
1989Oct 21st Florida v New Mexico27-211Emmitt Smith 316 yards
1989Oct 21st Houston v SMU95-212Houston over 1000 yards from scrimmage
1989Oct 7th Tennessee v Georgia17-141Bill Goldberg stars for Georgia
1989Sep 23rd Texas v SMU45-131Keith Cash 2 TD's & Kerry Cash 1 TD. SDMU still reeling from Death Penalty
1989Sep 2nd Southern Mississippi v Florida State30-262Brett Favre famous upset win
1989Sep 30th USC v Washington State18-172Freshman Todd Marinovich leads a 91 yard TD drive for the win with 4 secs remaining
1989Sugar Bowl Miami v Alabama33-251Hurricanes 3rd National Championship
1990All America Bowl Southern Mississippi v Nth Carolina State27-312Favre 341 yards, 2 TD's in final game
1990Dec 1st Miami v San Diego State30-281ESPN Classic - The Rock chases the Aztec mascot
1990Nov 17th USC v UCLA45-422Tommy Maddox 409 yards 3 TD. Todd Marinovich wins it with 16 secs left.
1990Rose Bowl USC v Michigan17-104Bo Schembechler's last game at Michigan
1991Cotton Bowl Miami v Texas46-32Canes set Cotton Bowl record for penalties - Erickson 4 TD's
1991Nov 16th Miami v Florida State17-162Wide Right 1. Miami FB Stephen McGuire has 142 yards & a TD
1991Nov 30th Miami v San Diego State39-122Toretta 485 yards, Marshall Faulk 154 yards
1991Orange Bowl Colorado v Notre Dame10-92Buffaloes win National Championship
1991Sep 14th San Diego State v Pacific55-342Marshall Faulk 375 yards off the bench
1992Division 1-AA Championship Marshall v Youngstown42-242Troy Brown seals the win win an Int
1992Nov 14th Notre Dame v Penn State17-162Snow Bowl, Bettis scores winning TD with 20 secs remaining
1992Nov 22nd Washington State v Washington42-232Apple Cup in the snow, Bledsoe domainates Brunell
1992Nov 29th Miami v San Diego State63-1722 bench clearing brawls inc Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) chasing the Aztec Mascot
1992Oct 3rd Miami v Florida State19-164Wide Right 2. Lamar Thomas scores winning TD.
1992Orange Bowl Miami v Nebraska22-02Canes win 4th National Championship
1992Sep 12th Hawaii v Air Force6-32 
1993Nov 11th BYU v San Diego State45-441Marshall Faulk 299 yards
1993Oct 23rd Miami v Syracuse49-02"The Rock" Dwayne Johnson has 1 1/2 sacks
1994Oct 1st Tennessee v Washington State10-921st start for Peyton Manning
1994Oct 22nd Alcorn v Southern41-372Steve McNair 584 yards & 4 TD's
1994Orange Bowl Miami v Nebraska17-242Corey Schlesinger 2 TD's
1994Rose Bowl Penn State v Oregon38-201Ki Jana Carter 83 yard TD on 1st play
1994Sep 24th Colorado v Michigan27-262Kordell Stewart Hail Mary 
1994Sep 24th Miami v Washington20-382Huskies end Miami's 58 game winning streak at home
1994Sep 8th Nebraska v Texas Tech42-162 
1995Citrus Bowl Tennessee v Ohio State20-142Manning 182 yards, Jay Graham 154 yards, Eddie George 101 yards
1995Cotton Bowl USC v Texas Tech55-142Keyshawn Johnson 222 yards, 2 TD's inc 86 yarder
1995Dec 2nd Texas v Texas A & M16-61Ricky Williams 163 yards v 5th ranked defense
1995Division I-AA Championship Marshall v Montana20-222Freshman Chad Pennington leads Marshall but a winning FG falls short
1995Fiesta Bowl Nebraska v Florida62-243Tommy Frazier 199 yards rushing, Lawrence Phillips 165 yards
1995November 4th Texas v Texas Tech48-72Freshman Ricky Williams has 113 yards
1995Oct 14th Virginia Tech v Akron77-271Edited huddles, coaches film merged with radio broadcast
1995Oct 7th Texas Tech v Texas A+M14-71Zach Thomas 23 yard INT for a TD with 30 secs remaining
1995Sep 2nd Texas v Hawaii38-171Ricky Williams Debut 95 yards rushing
1996Big 12 Championship Texas v Nebraska37-272Priest Holmes 120 yards, 3 TD's
1996Carquest Bowl Miami v Virginia31-212 
1996Division I-AA Championship Marshall v Montana49-292Randy Moss 4 TD's
1996Gator Bowl Syracuse v Clemson41-02Marvin Harrison last college game, 173 yards & 2 TD's
1996Nov 16th Washington v San Jose State52-102Corey Dillon 226 yards rushing 83 receiving in 1st quarter, then pulled
1996Nov 9th Alabama v LSU26-02Shaun Alexander 291 yards, 4 TD's
1996Oct 19th Washington v UCLA41-212Corey Dillon 5 TD's
1996Rose Bowl Arizona State v Ohio State17-202 
1996Sep 21st Florida v Tennessee35-292Peyton Manning 492 yards & 4 TD's in coming from 35-0 down
1996Sep 28th Florida State v North Carolina13-02 
1996Sep 28th Texas v Virginia13-372Tiki Barber 121 yards, 3 TD's in 1st QTR
1996Sep 7th Virginia Tech v Akron21-181Jason Taylor 2 sacks & a Saf. Edited huddles, coaches film merged with radio 
1996Sugar Bowl Florida v Florida State52-203Ike Hilliard 3 TD's
1997MAC Championship Marshall v Toledo34-142Randy Moss 170 yards & 3 TD's. Pennington 332 yards
1997Motor City Bowl Mississippi v Marshall34-3112 TD's in 1st 3 plays in this ESPN Classic
1997Orange Bowl Nebraska v Tennessee42-172Ahman Green 206 yards in Tom Osbourne's last game
1997Rose Bowl Michigan v Washington State21-162Wolverines win National Championship for 1st time in 49 years
1997SEC Championship Auburn v Tennessee29-301Peyton Manning 300 plus yards
1998Alamo Bowl Purdue v Kansas State37-341Drew Brees leads 80 yard drive for winning TD with 30 secs remaining
1998Aug 29th USC v Purdue20-172Carson Palmer makes his debut & Drew Brees 1st start 6.5 quality
1998Cotton Bowl Texas v Mississippi State38-112Ricky Williams 203 yards, 2 TD's in final game
1998Dec 5th Miami v UCLA49-452Edgerrin James 299 yards
1998Micron Bowl Miami v North Carolina State46-232Final college games for Edgerrin James, Torry Holt
1998Nov 28th Miami v Syracuse13-662McNabb 5 total TD's
1998Oct 31st Texas v Nebraska20-161Ricky Williams 150 yards
1998Oct 3rd Texas v Iowa State54-331Edited huddles - Ricky Williams 350 yards & 5 TD's
1998Rose Bowl Wisconsin v UCLA38-312Ron Dayne 246 yards, 4 TD's
1998Sep 26th Texas v Rice59-211Edited huddles - Ricky Williams 318 yards & 6 TD's
1999Alabama Bowl TCU v East Carolina28-142Tomlinson 124 yards, 2 TD's & 73 yards receiving
1999Nov 13th Hawaii v Fresno State31-2413rd Qtr missing - no score in that time
1999Oct 23rd Hawaii v Tulsa35-212 
1999Orange Bowl Michigan v Alabama35-312Tom Brady 4 TD's, Shaun Alexander 150 yards, 3 TD's
2000Alabama Bowl Southern Mississippi v TCU28-212Tomlinson 118 yards, 2 Td's in final game
2000Nov 11th Auburn v Georgia29-262Rudi Johnson 152 yards inc 58 yard TD
2000Nov 18th Oregon State v Oregon23-132Joey Harringon 333 yards
2000Nov 4th Washington v Arizona35-322 
2000Oct 14th Oklahoma v Kansas State41-312Heupel 374 yards
2000Oct 28th Georgia Tech v Clemson31-282Kelly Campbell 209 yards
2000Oct 7th Miami v Florida State27-242Seminoles last second FG sails wide for the 3rd time against Miami
2000Oct 7th Purdue v Michigan32-312Brees 286 yards, Anthony Thomas 130 yards
2000Oct 7th TCU v Hawaii41-212Tomlinson 294 yards, 4 TD's
2000Sep 16th Texas v Stanford24-272 
2000Sep 2nd Colorado State v Colorado28-242Final College game at Mile High Stadium
2000Sep 30th UCLA v Arizona State38-312UCLA down 21-0 largest ever comeback
2000Sep 30th Virginia Tech v Boston College48-342Michael Vick career high 210 yards rushing inc 82 yard TD
2000Sep 9th Florida State v Georgia Tech26-212Chris Weinke 443 yards
2001GMAC Bowl Marshall v East Carolina64-613Marshall come from 38-8 down at halftime
2001Nov 10th Miami v Boston College18-72Ed Reed 80 yard INT TD
2001Oct 13th Miami (OH) v Akron30-271Ben Roethlisberger hail mary TD on last play
2001Rose Bowl Miami v Nebraska37-142Hurricanes National Championship #5, Andre Johnson 199 yards, 2 TD's
2002Cotton Bowl Texas v LSU35-202Roy Williams 142 yards & TD plus 39 yard Rushing TD
2002Fiesta Bowl Miami v Ohio State24-311Double OT, Buckeyes National Champs, McGahee knee injury
2002Nov 16th Penn State v Indiana58-252Larry Johnson 327 yards
2002Nov 21st Miami v Pittsburgh28-212Willis McGahee 159 yards & 2 TD's, Larrty Fitz 74 yards & TD
2002Nov 23rd Penn State v Michigan State61-72Larry Johnson 279 yards, 4 TD's in first half then pulled
2002Nov 2nd Auburn v Mississippi31-242Ronnie Brown 224 yards, 3 TD's - Eli Manning 284 yards, 3 TD's
2002Nov 2nd Pittsburgh v Virginia Tech28-212Larry Fitzgerald 3 TD's
2002November 16th Texas v Texas Tech38-422Wes Welker 169 rec yds, 44 rushing & 38 PR yards, 2 TD's
2002Oct 12th Northern Illinois v Miami (Ohio)48-411Michael Turner 222 yards & 5 TD's Ben Roethlisberger 525 yards Edited Huddles
2002Oct 19th Penn State v Northwestern49-01Larry Johnson 257 yards
2002Oct 22nd Miami v Florida State28-272Wide Left. Miami come from 27-14 down
2002Oct 26th Notre Dame v Florida State34-242 
2002Oct 26th Penn State v Ohio State7-132Larry Johnson 66 yards
2002Oct 26th USC v Oregon44-331Carson Palmer 448 yards, 5 TD's. Mike Williams 226 yards, 2 TD's
2002Oct 5th Mississippi v Florida17-141Rex Grossman 205 yards, Eli Manning 154 yards
2002Orange Bowl USC v Iowa38-172Carson Palmer final game 303 yards
2002Sep 21st USC v Kansas State20-271 
2002Sep 2nd USC v Auburn24-171Carson Palmer 302 yards
2003Aug 30th Colorado v Colorado State42-352 
2003Aug 30th USC v Auburn23-01Matt Leinart first start, 192 yards
2003Nov 15th Texas v Texas Tech43-402 
2003Nov 1st Arkansas v Kentucky71-633Ties longest ever game with 7 OT periods
2003Oct 11th Miami v Florida State22-142Sean Taylor 2 INT's, 50 Yard TD
2003Rose Bowl USC v Michigan28-142Trojans 1st National Championship since 1978. Leinart 3 TD's
2003Sep 27th USC v California31-342OT win
2003Sugar Bowl LSU v Oklahoma21-142LSU National Championship
2004Aug 28th USC v Virginia Tech24-131Reggie Bush 5 catches for 127 yards, 3 TD's
2004Nov 13th Auburn v Georgia24-61Ronnie & Cadillac combine for 260 yards
2004Nov 20th Auburn v Alabama21-131Cadillac Williams breaks Bo Jackson's all time TD record
2004Oct 14th Miami v Louisville41-383Devin Hester 78 Yard Punt Return
2004Oct 30th Auburn v Mississippi35-141Ronnie & Cadillac combine for 196 yards
2004Oct 30th Oklahoma v Oklahoma State38-353Adrian Peterson over 200 yards, Mark Bradley 3 TD's
2004Orange Bowl USC v Oklahoma55-191Trojans 2nd straight National Championship. Leinart 5 TD's
2004Rose Bowl Texas v Michigan38-372Vince Young 192 rushing yards, 4 TD's Braylon Edwards 3 TD's
2004SEC Championship Auburn v Tennessee38-281Jason Campbell 374 yards, 3 TD's. Gerald Riggs JNR 180 yards, 2 TD's
2004Sep 18th UCLA v Washington37-311Maurice Jones-Drew 322 yards & 5 TD's
2004Sep 18th USC v BYU42-101 
2004Sugar Bowl Auburn v Virginia Tech16-131Auburn 1st undefeated team in history not NCAA Champion
2005Big 12 Championship Texas v Colorado70-32Vince Young 4 TD's, Jamaal Charles 2 TD's on 7 carries
2005Hawaii Bowl Nevada v Central Florida49-482Brandon Marshall 210 Yards & 3 TD's
2005Nov 19th Auburn v Alabama28-181Brodie Croyle sacked 11 times
2005Nov 19th USC v Fresno State50-422Reggie Bush record 513 all purpose yards, 294 Rushing
2005Nov 19th Vanderbilt v Tennessee28-242Cutler 315 yards, 3 TD's, Earl Bennett 167 yards. Adrian Foster 223 yards
2005Nov 20th USC v Fresno State50-422Reggie Bush 513 all purpose yards, 294 yards rushing
2005Oct 15th USC v Notre Dame34-312Leinart pushed into endzone for winning TD with 7 secs remaining
2005Oct 23rd Auburn v LSU17-201Kenny Irons 218 yards. Auburn miss 5 FG's
2005Oct 29th Maryland v Florida State27-352 
2005SEC Championship LSU v Georgia14-342 
2005Sep 17th USC v Arkansas70-171Leinart 381 yards, 4 TD's in little over a half before being relieved
2005Sep 24th Minnesota v Purdue42-351Lawrence Maroney 217 yards on 46 carries
2005Sugar Bowl West Virginia v Georgia38-354Steve Slaton 204 yards, 3 TD's
2006Alamo Bowl Texas v Iowa26-241McCoy sets freshman record with 308 yards, 2 TD's
2006Armed Forces Bowl Utah v Tulsa25-132Eric Weddle 6 Tackles, FR, INT & 56 yards & a TD
2006Aug 9th Pittsburgh v Cincinnati33-151Tyler Palko 3 TD's
2006BCS Championship Florida v Ohio State41-142Ted Ginn returns opening kickoff for 93 yard TD
2006Dec 2nd Navy v Army26-141Navy only complete 1 pass en route to 5th win in a row in series
2006Dec 2nd West Virginia v Rutgers41-391Steve Slaton 112 yards 2 TD's in Triple OT ESPN Classic
2006Fiesta Bowl Boise State v Oklahoma43-42322 points scored in final 86 seconds, final game for Adrian Peterson
2006Hawaii Bowl Hawaii v Arizona State41-242Colt Brennan 559 yards, 5 TD's
2006Holiday Bowl California v Texas A & M45-102Marshawn 111 yards, 2 TD's & MVP
2006Nov 18th Ohio State v Michigan42-392Troy Smith 366 yards, 4 TD's
2006Nov 4th Miami v Georgia Tech23-302Calvin Johnson Game Winning TD
2006Oct 14th Auburn v Florida27-173Auburn score no offensive TD's
2006Oct 14th Miami v Florida International35-02All in Brawl 3rd Quarter, 13 ejected
2006Rose Bowl USC v Michigan32-181Booty 390 yards, 4 TD's Dwayne Jarrett 204 yards
2006Rose Bowl USC v Texas38-412Vince Young 220 yards rushing, 3 TD's, in AVCHD
2006Sep 10th Texas v Ohio State7-242 
2006Sep 16th Auburn v LSU7-31Auburn Pass Interference call overturned on 4th & 8 in 4th QTR
2006Sugar Bowl LSU v Notre Dame41-142Last games for JaMarcus Russell & Brady Quinn
2006Texas Bowl Rutgers v Kansas State37-102Ray Rice 170 Yards, Yamon Figurs 76 Yard Punt Return
2007BCS Championship LSU v Ohio State38-243Matt Flynn 4 TD's
2007Chick Fil-A Bowl Auburn v Clemson23-202OT Win
2007Dec 1st Navy v Army38-32Navy hold Army to 7 passing yards 
2007Las Vegas Bowl UCLA v BYU16-172 
2007Nov 1 Virginia Tech v Georgia Tech27-32Sean Glennon wears GT Jersey after his was stolen
2007Nov 11th USC v Arizona State44-242Booty 375 yards, 4 TD's
2007Nov 17th Tulsa v Army49-391Paul Smith 390 yards & 2 TD's
2007Nov 1st Nebraska-Omaha v South Dakota41-141 
2007Nov 20th Utah v New Mexico28-102Koa Misi FR for a TD
2007Nov 23rd Arkansas v LSU50-483McFadden 206 Yards, 3 TD's in Triple OT win
2007Nov 24th ECU v Tulane35-122Chris Johnson 240 yards & 3 TD's total. Matt Forte 120 yards & a TD
2007Nov 29th Louisville v Rutgers41-382Kenny Britt 173 yards, 2 TD's Ray Rice 120 yards, 3 TD's
2007Nov 30th Fresno State v New Mexico State30-232Ryan Mathews 99 yards & a TD
2007Nov 3rd Air Force v Army43-71Falcons 34 points from turnovers on 4 plays in a row
2007Nov 3rd Arkansas v South Carolina48-361McFadden 323 yards, Felix Jones 163 yards, 3 TD's
2007Nov 3rd ECU v Memphis56-402Chris Johnson 301 yards & 4 TD's plus 96 on KR
2007Nov 3rd Texas v Texas Tech38-352Texas come from 21-0 down to win on last second FG
2007Oct 13th Houston v Rice56-481Donnie Avery 346 rec yards, 208 in 1st Qtr, 2 TD's
2007Oct 18th Rutgers v USF30-272Ray Rice 181 Yards 
2007Oct 19th Louisville v Connecticut17-212Brian Brohm 228 yards in driving rain
2007Oct 20th Florida Atlantic v Louisiana-Lafayette39-323Rusty Smith 308 yard & 4 TD's in OT win
2007Oct 20th New Mexico v San Diego State20-172Kevin O'Connell 2 passing TD's & a Rush TD
2007Oct 20th Oregon v Washington55-341Jonathan Stewart 251 yards, 2 TD's
2007Oct 27th New Hampshire v Rhode Island49-361The 2 teams combine for over 1000 yards
2007Oct 27th Texas v Nebraska28-252Jamaal Charles 290 yards rushing, 216 & 3 TD's in 4th Qtr
2007Oct 27th Troy v Arkansas State27-02Leodis McKelvin 2 INT's
2007Oct 27th Washington v Arizona41-482Jake Locker 336 passing yards, 157 rushing yards
2007Rose Bowl USC v Illinois49-172Joe McKnight 170 yards from scrimmage, Mendenhall 79 yard TD
2007Sep 15th Arkansas v Alabama38-411Darren McFadden 195 yards, 2 TD's
2007Sep 1st Appalachian State v Michigan34-322Biggest upset in history as Div 1-AA team beats #5 ranked Michigan
2007Sep 1st Florida v Western Kentucky49-31Tebow 1st start, 300 yards & 3 TD's. Cam Newton debut & rushing TD
2007Sep 20th Miami v Texas A & M34-172Last Thursday game at Orange Bowl
2007Sep 22nd Arkansas v Kentucky29-422McFadden 173 Yards, Felix Jones 82 Yard KR
2007Sep 22nd Oklahoma State v Texas Tech49-451Harrell 4th most passing yards in history. Crabtree 237 yards & 3 TD's
2007Sep 27th Boise State v Southern Mississippi38-162Ian Johnson 111 yards rushing, 80 yards receiving, 3 TD's
2007Sep 28th South Florida v West Virginia21-131 
2007Sep 29th UTEP v SMU48-451Marcus Thomas 207 yards 3 TD's
2007Sep 3rd Clemson v Florida State24-182 
2007Sep 7th Rutgers v Navy41-241Ray Rice 175 yards, 3 TD's sets all time Career Rutgers rushing record
2007Sep 8th ECU v North Carolina34-311Chris Johnson held to 18 rush yards, 136 rec yards & 2 TD's
2008Aug 28th South Carolina v North Carolina State34-02Sth Carolina win despite 4 INT's by Tommy Beecher
2008Aug 30th ECU v Virginia Tech27-221ECU blocked punt for TD wins game
2008BCS Championship Florida v Oklahoma24-142Percy Harvin 171 Total yards, TD. Gators win 3rd Championship
2008Big 12 Championship Oklahoma v Missouri62-212Sooners become 1st team in history to score 60+ 5 times in a row
2008Fiesta Bowl Texas v Ohio State24-212Quan Cosby 14 rec 174 yds, 2 TD
2008MAC Championship Buffalo v Ball State42-242James Starks 82 yards & a TD plus 45 receiving yards
2008Nov 1st Texas v Texas Tech33-392Michael Crabtree catches winning TD with 1 sec left to upset #1 Texas
2008Nov 28th ECU v UTEP53-211Brandon Simmons 4 Total TD's
2008Oct 11th Oklahoma State v Missouri28-232 
2008Oct 23rd Auburn v West Virginia17-342Pat White 3 TD's, Noel Devine 207 Yards
2008Oct 2nd Memphis v UAB33-301Joe Webb 234 yards passing & 3 Rush TD's
2008Rose Bowl USC v Penn State38-242Sanchez 413 yds, 4 TD, Rushing TD
2008Sep 14th USC v Ohio State35-32Sanchez 4 Td's, Joe McKnight 106 yards
2008Sep 20th Auburn v LSU21-262 
2008Sep 20th Texas v Rice52-101McCoy 329 yards, 4 TD's. Shipley 155 yards & 2 TD's
2008Sep 27th West Virginia v Marshall27-31Pat White 2 TD's before 3rd Qtr injury
2008Sep 6th Miami v Florida3-262 
2008Sep 6th Wisconsin v Marshall51-141Badgers 51 unanswered points
2009ACC Championship Georgia Tech v Clemson39-342C.J. Spiller 233 Yards & 4 TD's
2009BCS Championship Alabama v Texas37-212Alabama win 1st National Title since 92 - HD Feed
2009Big 12 Championship Texas v Nebraska13-122Texas stay undefeated with a FG with 1 sec on the clock - HD Feed & AVCHD
2009Cotton Bowl Mississippi v Oklahoma State21-71Dexter McCluster rushes for 184 Yards - Pal HD Feed
2009Emerald Bowl USC v Boston College24-132Pete Carroll's last game as USC coach
2009Hawaii Bowl SMU v Nevada45-102First Bowl game for SMU since 1984. Emmanuel Sanders 124 yards & a TD
2009Nov 26th Texas v Texas A+M 49-392Colt McCoy 304 yards & 4 TD's plus 175 rushing yards
2009Nov 28th Stanford v Notre Dame45-382Toby Gerhert 205 Yards & 3 TD's, Jimmy Clausen 5 TD's - HD feed
2009Nov 7th Stanford v Oregon51-422Toby Gerhart rushes for school record 223 yards & 3 TD's. Luck 2 TD's
2009Nov 7th Texas v UCF35-31Jordan Shipley sets school record with 273 receiving yards - AVCHD
2009Sep 3rd Boise State v Oregon19-82Legarette Blount Punches Byron Hunt & is suspended
2009Sep 7th Miami v Florida State38-342 
2009Sugar Bowl Florida v Cincinnati51-241Tim Tebow's last game. Records 482 yards & 3 TD's - Pal HD Feed
2009Sun Bowl Oklahoma v Stanford31-271Toby Gerhart 3 TD's - Pal HD Feed
2010BCS Championship Auburn v Oregon22-192Michael Dyer 149 yards - HD feed, PAL Format
2010Nov 13th Auburn v Georgia49-312Cam Newton 151 Rushing yards & 4 total TD. AJ Green 164 yards
2010Nov 20th Illinois v Northwestern48-272Mikel Leshoure 330 yards at Wrigley Field
2010Nov 26th Auburn v Alabama28-272Auburn rally from 24-0 down. Cam Newton accounts for all 4 TD's
2010Nov 6th Michigan v Illinois67-6523 OT thriller sees the Wolverines hold off the Illini.
2010Oct 16th Auburn v Arkansas65-432Cam Newton 188 yards rushing & 3 TD's
2010Oct 23rd Auburn v LSU24-172Auburn 440 rushing yards, Newton 217 & 2 TD
2010Oct 2nd Auburn v Louisiana Monroe52-32Emery Blake scores on a 94 yard TD reception
2010Oct 30th Nebraska v Missouri31-172Roy Helu Jr 307 yards rushing & 3 TD's
2010Oct 30th USC v Oregon32-532LaMichael James 239 yards & 3 TD's. Jeff Maehl 3 Rec TD's
2010Oct 9th Auburn v Kentucky37-342Cam Newton runs for 198 yards & 4 TD's. Randall Cobb 3 total td for the Wildcats
2010SEC Championship Auburn v South Carolina56-172Cam Newton 335 yards & 4 TD plus 73 rushing yards & 2 TD
2010Sep 18th Auburn v Clemson27-242Auburn come from 17-0 down & win on Clemson's missed redo kick in OT
2010Sep 18th Stanford v Wake Forest68-242Andrew Luck 5 Total TD's inc 51 yards rushing TD
2010Sep 25th Auburn v South Carolina35-272Cam Newton rushes for 176 yards & 3 TD's, passes for 2 more
2010Sep 4th Auburn v Arkansas State52-262Cam Newton Auburn debut - 186 yards & 3 TD's passing, 171 yards & 2 TD's rushing
2010Sep 4th Kansas State v UCLA31-222Daniel Thomas 235 yards & 2 TD's
2010Sep 9th Auburn v Mississippi State17-142Nick Fairley has 2.5 TFL, 1.5 sacks & an interception
2011Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma State v Stanford41-384Justin Blackmon 3 TD's Andrew Luck's final game
2011Nov 19th USC v Oregon38-351Trojans end Ducks 21 game home winning streak. Barkley 4 TD's
2011Oct 15th Boise State v Colorado State63-132Doug Martin 200 yards & 3 TD's
2011Oct 15th Texas A&M v Baylor55-281Ryan Tannehill 415 yards & 6 TD's, RGIII 430 yards & 3 TD's
2011Oct 22nd USC v Notre Dame31-171Matt Barkley 224 yards & 3 TD's as USC improve to 6-1
2011Oct 29th USC v Stanford48-562Luck v Barkley for the final time, a triple OT Thriller - AVCHD & SD
2011Sep 24th Oklahoma State v Texas A&M30-292Cowboys come from 20-3 down. Tannehill 309 yards & 2 TD's + a 65 yard rushing TD
2011Sep 3rd Alabama v Kent State48-72Australian & Bayside Ravens Jessie Williams makes his Alabama Debut
2012Nov 3rd USC v Oregon51-622Kenjon Barner 321 yards & 5 TD's - most points and yards ever against USC
2012Oct 10th Texas A&M v Alabama29-242Johnny Manziel leads the Aggies to an upset of #1 Alabama
2012Oct 27th USC v Arizona36-392Marqis Lee Trojan & Pac 12 record 345 yards in stunning loss.
2012Sep 29th West Virginia v Baylor70-632Geno Smith 656 yards & 8 TD's in highest scoring Big 12 game ever
2013SEC Championship Auburn v Missouri59-422Tre Mason 304 yards and 4 TD's
2013BCS Championship Florida State v Auburn34-312Seminoles score 21 points in 4th quarter capped by Kelvin Benjamin TD
2013Nov 16th Auburn v Georgia43-382Auburn score a 73 yard tipped TD on 4th and 18 with 25 seconds remaining to win
2013Nov 30th Auburn v Alabama34-284Auburn score upset in "Kick 6" game over #1 Crimson Tide
2013Oct 19th Auburn v Texas A&M45-412Auburn upset #7 Aggies with defensive stand. Dee Ford 2 sacks in last 1:19
2014Nov 16th Wisconsin v Nebraska59-242Melvin Gordon sets NCAA record with 408 yards & 4 TD's
2014Nov 23rd Oklahoma v Kansas44-72Samaje Parine breaks the record set by Gordon only 1 week earlier with 427 yards and 5 TD's